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Welcome to Mingle

The Suburban Land Agency’s Mingle program is here to kick start your community as part of our commitment to creating great places where communities thrive.

Whitlam Mingle will begin in May 2021 and will be active in the community for approximately five years.

Mingle is a community development program that will work with residents in the early years of your new suburb to create a connected community by bringing people together.

What is community development?

Community development is a process where community members are supported by Mingle to identify and work together on matters which are important to them. As someone who lives in Whitlam you can contribute, shape and drive ideas. This includes projects and initiatives to build a strong, sustainable and connected neighbourhood.

Mingle uses these seven principles as a foundation to help create an inclusive program:

  • Partnerships and collaboration 
  • Learning and information 
  • Social and environmental sustainability
  • Health, wellbeing and active Living 
  • Activated spaces
  • Culture, identity and respect 
  • Safety

Mingle will help community members with identified ideas and work with them to:

  • Create a safe place through information sessions and a local neighbourhood watch group
  • Create fun places for kids through playgroups and activities for teens
  • Create a sustainable community with environmental groups and communal gardens
  • Create an active community with dog walks and local walking and cycling groups.

We are here to empower local community members to feel like they belong.

Want to get in touch?  Contact your Mingle team.

Lisa Planinac or Elissa Singer

Or call us on 0481 908 879