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Helpful information on our documents

Housing Development Guides

Your home must be designed in accordance with these guidelines. The Housing Development Guide contains information of the blocks within the estate and specific requirements for each block. This includes block details plans which include contours and block fill plans. View the Housing Development Guides by searching for them above.

  • The Block Details Plan shows contours, easements and other information related to specific blocks of land. Each block has a ‘section number’ and a ‘block number’, which allows it to be uniquely identified compared to all the other blocks in the suburb. Your block number is not the same as your street number.
  • The Block Fill Plan shows the amount of cut and fill (measured in metres) for different blocks of land. This is important for understanding what is in the ground on your block.

Site Classifications

Also referred to as a soil test report or geotech report, this is a report prepared by a qualified geotechnical engineer on the soil conditions of your site, assessed in accordance with the Australian Standard. A high-level site classification report will be available from the Suburban Land Agency once earthworks are complete.

Deposited Plans 

The Deposited Plan means the plan relating to the land and registered under Section 7 of the Districts Act 2002 (ACT). This defines the legal boundaries of land and often records subdivisions and easements. You can find your deposited plan by contacting Access Canberra. View the Deposited Plans by searching for them above.

Jacka rebates and bonds

There are many choices to make when building your home such as selecting the right design style, building materials and maximising your home’s natural setting to keep energy costs low.

To support our newest all-electric suburb, the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is offering two sustainability rebates and two bonds.

Landscape Rebate

The Front Garden Landscape Rebate (Landscape Rebate) will encourage climate wise planting and garden design choices that help keep your garden cool, save water, and support the natural habitat. A rebate of $6,000 is available ($7,000 for corner blocks).

Home Energy Rebate

The Home Energy Rebate (Energy Rebate)  will encourage building choices that help reduce energy consumption and your reliance on fossil fuels. A rebate of $7,000 is available.


When you make settlement on your block in Jacka, you will also make payment for two bonds. A $2,000 Solar Bond to encourage the installation of solar panels with a minimum of 5.5kW  (note that installing 6.5kW is required to be eligible for the Energy Rebate). A $1,000 Verge Bond to support the upkeep of the verge (nature strip) and street trees during construction. Canberra’s Nature Strip Guidelines have been developed to help people make the most of their verge, and supports planting grass or plants shorter than 50mm tall.