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Home Energy Rebate Program

Reducing your energy use contributes to a more sustainable future, and can save you money. In Canberra, solar-powered all-electric homes can save households up to $16,000 over ten years. 

What is the energy rebate? 

To encourage people to consume less energy and shift away from fossil fuels, we’re offering an exclusive energy rebate to buyers in Whitlam. 

The Home Energy Rebate Program offers $10,000 to buyers who make design choices to improve their energy efficiency, produce their own power and reduce the urban heat of their homes in Whitlam. It sets out actions to design an all-electric, more energy efficient home that is more comfortable and has lower running costs. 

By taking these steps while planning and building your new home, you’ll be contributing to smarter choices to reduce residential energy use in Canberra.

Whitlam Stage 3 & 4 will be all electric, there won’t be a gas network to connect to. Residents who buy in Stage 3 & 4 are eligible for the rebate, if you meet the specific requirements as outlined in the updated Eligibility Guidelines for Stage 3 & 4.

Energy Rebate Stage 3 and 4

You're eligible when:

  • Mandatory requirements are met
  • All requirements are completed
  • Submitted within the timeframe - use the online form below!
  • Supporting documentation is submitted

Apply for the rebate

Apply for the Whitlam Stage 1 & 2 energy rebate by completing the online form here

To receive the rebate, you’ll need to submit evidence and photos as part of your application to prove you’ve incorporated these design changes in your home.

If you live in Stage 1 & 2, download and print the Statutory Declaration to submit as part of your application.

Residents in Whitlam Stage 3 & 4 will be able to apply once you've built your home.

What is involved?

You’ll need to prove you have built your home in line with the mandatory requirements outlined in the eligibility guidelines for your Stage of Whitlam.

Your home will need to be built with these all-electric, energy efficient inclusions listed and illustrated below:

  • Choose a light coloured roof
  • Have a 5kW solar PV system (minimum)
  • Choose an energy efficient hot water system
  • Invest in home energy monitoring and/or management system
  • Put in electric vehicle charging