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The ACT is striving for net zero emissions by 2045 and the Suburban Land Agency is supporting this commitment by encouraging gas-free dwellings across Whitlam.

Gas-free suburbs are leading the way when it comes to taking tangible climate action. Especially given fossil fuel (natural) gas accounts for more than 20% of emissions in the ACT.

Going all-electric across an entire suburb is a holistic way to get to net zero emissions as soon as possible.

Electric appliances are more efficient than natural gas appliances. Particularly when they are powered by 100% renewable electricity in the ACT. They offer lower running costs over time and could be better for your family’s health.

Preparing for a future free from gas

While we would like all of Whitlam to be gas-free, we know this is a big decision for homeowners. There are some enticing rewards for choosing renewables and energy efficient appliances for your home through the Whitlam Energy Rebate.

All homes being built in stages 3 and 4 must be all-electric. Gas services have not been connected in these stages.

What you can do

By living in Whitlam and designing a sustainable home you will be part of contributing to the important vision of creating a zero emissions suburb.

Design a highly efficient, all-electric home and you’ll not only have a more comfortable home all year round, you’ll have a smaller energy footprint (which could also save you money).

Find out more about the benefits of switching from gas.