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About us

The Suburban Land Agency creates places to live and renews urban areas in Canberra. We support people, families and communities so that their lives in the community can flourish.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as Canberra’s first inhabitants and Traditional Custodians. We recognise the special relationship and connection that Ngunnawal people have with this Country.

Prior to the displacement of Ngunnawal people from their land, they were a thriving people whose life and culture was connected unequivocally to this land in a way that only they understand and know and is core to their physical and spiritual being.

The segregation of the Ngunnawal people from Culture and Country has had long-lasting, profound, and ongoing health and well-being effects on their life, cultural practices, families, and continuation of their law/lore. We acknowledge the historic interruption of the Ngunnawal people of Canberra and their surrounding regions.

We recognise the significant contribution the Ngunnawal people have played in caring for Country. For time immemorial they have maintained a tangible and intangible cultural, social, environmental, spiritual, and economic connection to these lands and waters.

Ngunnawal Language Acknowledgement


Dhawura nguna ngurumbangu gunanggu Ngunnawal.
Nginggada dindi dhawura Ngunnawalbun yindjumaralidjinyin.
Mura bidji mulanggaridjindjula.
Naraganawaliyiri yarabindjula.

This country is Ngunnawal (ancestral/spiritual) homeland.
We all always respect elders, male and female, as well as Ngunnawal country itself.
They always keep the pathways of their ancestors alive.
They walk together as one.

Djan yimaba

(Yuma – Hello; Djan yimaba – Thank you in Ngunnawal)

What we do

In every neighbourhood we design and deliver, we focus on the people and the environment.

Through greenfield development and urban renewal, we create experiences and lifestyles that are uniquely Canberran, where everyone feels welcome and at home.

See our current residential neighbourhoods and commercial projects.

Our vision

We create great places where communities thrive.

We deliver sustainable urban environments that bring people and businesses together, and help our community and natural environments thrive.

Our developments aim to balance social, economic and environmental benefits for all Canberrans through:

  • affordable living
  • a safe and healthy population
  • social inclusion and diversity
  • housing choices
  • environmental sustainability

Our role

The Suburban Land Agency was established as a statutory authority under the City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Act 2017 (CRASLA Act). We commenced on 1 July 2017.

As a statutory authority within the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) portfolio, we are responsible for delivering people-focused neighbourhoods on behalf of the ACT Government. 

Land release process

Each year, the ACT Government releases an Indicative Land Release Program (ILRP). This specifies the government’s land sales for the coming four years to meet the housing needs of our population.

EPSDD carries out the early planning. Then we plan the estates and precincts, build infrastructure for new suburbs, sell parcels of land, and connect communities through Mingle.

Once the suburbs are established, public land and city services are managed by Transport Canberra and City Services.