Our vision is to ‘create great places where communities thrive’.

Our vision for Canberra

SLA is committed to building smart, sustainable suburbs and urban renewal developments. We do this by designing new estates that support active lifestyles and a healthy environment, and by providing infrastructure like footpaths, bike paths, large canopy trees and playgrounds.

We work hand-in-hand with local residents in the design and development of sustainable places, and in creating a sense of community. We do this through our Mingle Team, which delivers a calendar of events, such as markets, cultural festivals and guided walks.

Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy is designed to help Canberra become a sustainable city, while at the same time meeting our growing housing needs.

It provides a strategic framework for planning, decision-making and actions that will improve the environmental sustainability of our projects, and help us deal with the environmental challenges we all face.

Of course, we can’t do this on our own, so we look forward to working with our entire community to create a more sustainable city.

How our strategy fits into Government's goals

The Strategy will enable us to deliver on our requirements under the City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Act, embed sustainability into our core business, and contribute to the ambitions of the ACT Government.

Other ACT Government strategies that aim to make Canberra a great place to live are:

Our strategy also reflects the priorities in the Parliamentary & Governing Agreement of the 10th Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory.

Other strategies, policies and frameworks