The Suburban Land Agency has several ways for builders to purchase land. We can even help builders to promote and sell their services through house and land packages.

Ways for builders to buy land

Single blocks

You can buy individual blocks of land in the usual ways of ballots, auctions or over-the-counter. You will need to complete payment in the same way as any other customer.

Packaged lots and terraced lots

As part of land releases, we often include both packaged lots and terrace lots. These opportunities for commercial builders may help you to maximise building efficiencies.

These are usually sold by auction but if some lots remain unsold, they may be available directly to you over-the-counter. These sales are usually handled by appointed selling agents for each release.

Put and Call

The Suburban Land Agency offers builders and developers Put and Call options across selected blocks. Put and Call gives you the opportunity to secure blocks of land with an extended settlement.

The additional benefits of leveraging Put and Call include:

  • stamp duty is paid by the buyer of the land
  • reduced holding costs
  • block choices to suit your style of product
  • a marketing pack to support the selling of the block.

If you do buy blocks through a Put and Call , we can also help you sell your services as part of a a House and Land Package. We partner with selected trusted builders. This gives assurance to customers and streamlines both the design and construction process.

If this is something you would be interesting in discussing further email the residential sales team or call 1800 777 952.

Find out when land is released

To effectively plan your business, you'll need to understand when land is expected to be released. To do this, you can refer to our Indicative Land Release Program. The program sets out the Government’s intended land releases of residential, mixed use, commercial, industrial, and community and non-urban land.

If you are interested in finding out when specific releases happen, you should subscribe to our mailing list.

Get in contact

The Sales team at SLA is available to answer any questions or issues that you may have about the land purchasing process, including information about land releases, put and call, and packaged lots.

Please use the contact us form or contact the Sales Team directly on 1800 777 952 (during work hours) or [email protected]