The Suburban Land Agency has engaged civil contractors to undertake construction works in the new development areas in the northern parts of Wright and Coombs.

  • The works in Wright include: the creation of 212 single residential blocks and 4 multi unit blocks, 2 community facility sites and a playground.
  • The works in Coombs include: the creation of 71 single residential blocks and 9 multi unit blocks and a playground.

This is in addition to the installation of temporary fencing, construction of associated roads, urban open spaces, shared paths, an equestrian trail, utility services, landscaping and verge works.

Duration of work

Work within the construction sites is about to commence and will be undertaken in a staged approach with completion expected by the end of 2018.

Hours of Work

Construction work hours are generally from Monday to Saturday between 7am – 5.30pm. Normal construction noise may be heard during times of work. The contractors will need to comply with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulations around hours of work.

Traffic Management

Temporary traffic controls may be required on John Gorton Drive however minimal impacts are expected and are mainly related to an increase in construction vehicles.

Erosion Sediment Controls

The contractors are required to comply with EPA regulations for erosion sediment controls particularly in relation to the Molonglo River Corridor.

Dust Management

The contractors are required to comply with EPA regulations required for dust management. This includes regular monitoring of dust generation activities and the use of water carts.

Land Release Timings

Sites in Wright and Coombs have been identified for release as part of the 2017‐18 Indicative Land Release Program. Sales timings are not yet confirmed, for information about land sales please call 1800 777 952.

Reporting concerns or feedback and future updates

For more information please visit or call 13 22 81. Further updates will be made available on the Suburban Land Agency website at and via Facebook at

Thank you for your patience during this work.