Taylor ballot draw results now available 

The ballot draw results for the final Taylor ballot are now available, applicants have been notified of the ballot draw results. Find out more about the final Taylor ballot.

How to find your ballot draw ranking 

  1. Open the ballot draw results document
  2. Open your confirmation email. This email was sent to you after you registered for the ballot and will contain your 32-digit Unique ID number: 
  • Copy your Unique ID number. Highlight your number with your mouse, right click and select ‘copy’  
  • Can't find your 32-digit Unique ID number? Check your inbox for an email with the subject title "Taylor Ballot Registration Confirmation" or "Taylor Final Ballot Confirmation" which would have been sent after you completed your registration. Alternatively, check your spam inbox.
  1. Find your ranking in the ballot draw results document. Use the search function in the PDF program.

If you are on a Windows system, hold ‘ctrl’ and ‘f’ on your keyboard and a search box will appear. 

If you are on an Apple system, hold ‘command’ and ‘f’ on your keyboard instead.  

  • Paste your number into the search box. Right click and select ‘paste’  
  • Hit 'enter' on your keyboard to find your Unique ID number. 
  • Your ranking number can be seen in the column next to your Unique ID number.  

The ballot draw process 

The ballot draw is witnessed by ACT Gambling and Racing and provides a random number against ballot applicants. This number is then used to allocate appointments for an opportunity to buy a block of land. Here is how the ballot draw was conducted for the final Taylor ballot on Wednesday 13 October 2021: 

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) used ACT Government approved software to randomise the Unique ID numbers for all ballot applicants. Team members from the SLA and ACT Gambling and Racing witnessed the process. 

First we entered the Unique ID numbers which were allocated to all applicants into the software. 

Next we clicked ‘enter ‘ and generated the randomised numbers against each Unique ID number. 

The document containing the randomised numbers was then downloaded from the software and was witnessed by ACT gambling and Racing. The pdf version of the document is now available on the website and can be used to search for a Unique ID number or ranking number.