The Suburban Land Agency has removed Block 109 of Section 23 at Ngunnawal from the market, providing more time to work towards a better balance of social and financial benefits for the ACT community.

The future use of the block, which had originally called for tenders to build 160 residential care beds and 30 supportive dwellings in a retirement village, will be reconsidered by Government over coming months.  

Suburban Land Agency Chief Executive John Dietz said this was a positive outcome for the ACT community.

“The Suburban Land Agency is firmly committed to finding the right balance between social and financial benefit when developing land in the ACT,” Mr Dietz said.  

“It is important that the future of this site is able to strike a balance which considers both social and economic benefit for the community.

“That is the direction the Agency is taking forward and one we will apply to this block before its use is ascertained.”

The Ngunnawal block is home to the Gold Creek Homestead – a building without heritage value but of vested community interest. The Suburban Land Agency has been contacted by numerous parties who would like to see the homestead maintained.

“We believe those parties deserve to have their positions heard,” Mr Dietz said.

“While the Suburban Land Agency won’t be making any submissions to the ACT Heritage Council on the Homestead’s behalf, we encourage other parties who see value in keeping the homestead to state their claims.

“Above all, a solution which provides Canberrans with an optimal outcome is the priority of the Suburban Land Agency. The Suburban Land Agency is committed to engaging our stakeholders, industry and the community to establish the best outcome for the Ngunnawal site.”

Further updates on the site will be made publicly available as they come to bear.