One of Northbourne’s significant sites has been sold to Art Group for $19 million.


The former Macarthur House site is located on the corner of Northbourne and Macarthur Avenues. Situated within one of Canberra’s busiest corridors, the site is positioned in a key location on the light rail network, making it an emerging centre for urban activity.


The mixed-use precinct will be developed to include a range of commercial, residential and community uses. The holding lease permits the development of up to 424 dwellings and includes a requirement for a minimum of 50 dwellings to be sold at the ACT Government Affordable Home Purchase Thresholds.


The controls the ACT Government placed on this site as part of the sale demonstrates its commitment to achieving a high-quality development outcome for the former Macarthur House site.


Suburban Land Agency will be excited to see this fantastic development come to life at a key intersection on Northbourne.