Protecting your personal information is important to us

Protecting your personal information is important to us at the Suburban Land Agency (SLA) and we want to provide you with some information on how you can identify legitimate SLA communications.   

When does the SLA ask for personal information?

For information on how we collect and use your personal information, please click here.

We will never ask for your bank details in an unsolicited phone call, SMS or email. 

What can you do to protect your personal information?

  • Don’t respond to emails from sources you don’t recognise
  • Be cautious of messages that are very enticing or threatening
  • Do not use the click on links within emails, instead search for the website in your browser to visit it directly
  • Do not enter personal information into websites you don’t trust

What is phishing?

Phishing is when an individual or organisation tries to trick you into providing personal information, or to click a link. Phishing is not limited to emails and you may be targeted via SMS, social media, or other instant messaging platforms.

How can you identify phishing messages?

  • They are generally disguised to look like an organisation you know (for example, a Government Department)
  • They ask you to provide personal information or direct you to click a link
  • They may include attachments such as a PDFs, Word documents or Excel documents that are infected with viruses or malware 

How can cyber criminals use my personal information?

The SLA is aware of recent cyber attacks on a leading real estate website where their customer information may have been compromised. There is no direct link between this recent attack and the SLA. 

Cyber criminals may use personal information obtained through this cyber attack to impersonate real estate agents and/or any party involved in selling or leasing land or property to trick customers into making payments or providing bank details (and other personal information). 

What the SLA is doing to protect your personal information

  • SLA staff attend compulsory cyber security training so they can identify attempts to compromise our system
  • Cyber protection measures have been implemented to assist our staff in recognising emails from external sources that impersonate the SLA
  • We keep your information secure and we will also use the information your provide for the purpose of which it was provided for
  • Your information will not be disclosed to other persons or organisations without your prior consent or unless required by law

If you are unsure of whether an email or SMS communication sent by the SLA is legitimate, you can contact us to confirm or call us on (02) 6205 0600.