Our Climate Wise Garden Designs booklet is here!

Do you need some inspiration to get in the garden this spring? Canberra’s climate is challenging when it comes to gardening, with cold, frosty winters and hot, dry summers. And with climate change increasing these extremes, it’s more important than ever to choose plant species that will survive and thrive into the future. The Suburban Land Agency has worked with local landscape architect Edwina Robinson to design beautiful gardens that residents can use as inspiration for their own homes.

What is a climate wise garden?

A climate wise garden takes into account the local conditions – including sun direction, wind direction, soil type, local climate and availability of water – to select plants that will thrive all year round. The garden designs centre on three themes: the climate wise garden, the low maintenance garden and the edible garden. We hope that everyone will be able to find something to suit their lifestyle and home. As well as hand-drawn garden designs, the Climate Wise Garden Designs booklet has lists of recommended plant species, advice on how to create a healthy garden, and tips on how to get started with designing the garden of your dreams.

Why have we done this book?

One of the Suburban Land Agency’s sustainability priorities is to support resilient communities and a resilient natural environment. We want our new suburbs to be green and lush, creating habitats for local birds and bees, and support residents to plant beautiful, cool gardens that function as an outdoor room. We know that once you’ve built your new home, it can be hard to find the motivation – and budget! – to undertake a big landscaping project. So we are bringing the landscape expertise to you – by following the advice in the Climate Wise Garden Designs booklet, you can start creating your dream outdoor space. And the best bit is, all the plant species selected for the booklet are readily available in Canberra’s local nurseries.

Which theme should I choose?

The designs centre around three themes, which will help you think about what is right for your home and lifestyle. For each of the themes, there is a design for a front and backyard, as well as a courtyard. You can pick and choose what you like from each of the designs to create the perfect garden for your home.

The Climate Wise Garden: Choose a Climate Wise Garden if you are looking for a garden that will do well in all four seasons, creating comfortable spaces to live and play, and be more comfortable in extreme temperatures.

The Edible Garden: Kids, cooks and those who enjoy spring blossoms may particularly enjoy the benefits of an Edible Garden, with a range of attractive plants that create an abundance of fresh produce all year round.

The Low Maintenance Garden: With busy lifestyles, many residents prefer a garden that needs minimal maintenance, but is lush and attractive all year round. Choose a Low Maintenance Garden if you would like a simple garden that doesn’t require much care throughout the year.

How can I get a copy?

Download the Climate Wise Garden Designs booklet here or attend a Mingle event to get hold of a printed copy. And keep an eye out for examples of these beautiful gardens popping up throughout future SLA display villages soon, including in the new suburb of Whitlam.

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