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The one-hectare park in Southquay Greenway, in the Tuggeranong Town Centre, is Canberra’s newest waterfront precinct.

Nina Farrer Park is bounded by Limburg Way, Anketell Street and Cynthea Teague Crescent, and features children’s play equipment, BBQ area and a new lakefront promenade and deck.

Nina Farrer (nee Fane De Salis) arrived in the Tharwa district in 1855 with her parents. In 1882 she married William Farrer, who developed several varieties of drought and rust-resistant wheat that made possible a great expansion of Australia’s wheat belt. The couple lived at Lambrigg near Tharwa from 1894, where William established his experimental wheat plantings and laboratory.

Mrs Farrer was held in high esteem by the local community and known for her hospitality. Her encouragement and devotion to her husband contributed to his success, and she is buried on the property beside him.

Her great-great-niece Mrs Adrienne Bradley, who lives in Canberra, said that the family was very much in favour of naming the park after Nina Farrer.