The Suburban Land Agency is offering a Front Garden Landscape Rebate of up to $12,500* for land ready blocks sold in the communities of Throsby, Taylor, Wright and Coombs between 8 August 2020 and 31 October 2020.

Use the rebate to purchase plants, build garden beds, paving or install a letterbox. Explore native plant options to encourage local birds and wildlife to thrive or install retaining walls and feature items.  With so many options the rebate will help you create a sustainable, water wise and beautiful front garden. 

A well-planned and attractive garden – one that thrives in the Canberra climate – will visually enhance your new home.

Explore the range of block options available in Throsby, Taylor, Wright and Coombs and find a block that’s right for you.

Rebate amount

The rebate amount payable will depend on the block type and/or the block frontage as follows:


Block Type (definition in accordance with the Territory Plan)

Rebate Amount


Compact Block 



Mid-Sized Block



Large Block 



Block with Frontage greater than 25 metres



Buyers are entitled to receive a rebate where all the eligibility requirements have been fulfilled. For the complete list of terms and conditions and for further information download your suburb's Front Garden Landscape Rebate Scheme and Guidelines.

The Front Garden Landscape Rebate is for a limited time only, so get in quick. Contact our appointed sales agents today, for more information and help selecting a block.

For Throsby, Wright and Coombs contact Civium on 1800 910 204

For Taylor contact Independent on 1800 413 980

And don’t forget; if you’ve bought a new residential block in the ACT, you may be entitled to an allocation of plants from the Yarralumla Nursery as part of the Free Plant Issue Scheme.