The Development Application for Greenway East was approved in August 2017 and the Civil Construction Works contract has now been awarded to Canberra Contractors Pty Ltd.

Construction works associated with the Greenway East development commenced in early September. The majority of the estate works including works on Drakeford Drive are due to be completed by early 2018. Minor works associated with the shared path on the lakefront may continue into the middle of 2018.

Construction activities will include tree removals, earthworks, trenching and installation of services, the creation of a new intersection on Drakeford Drive including traffic lights, footpaths and minor landscaping works.

There will be disruption to traffic flows along the section of Drakeford Drive between the intersections of Soward Way/Erindale Drive and Athllon Drive/Isabella Drive for the duration of the project. This disruption will commence in mid September. Both lanes of traffic will be open in the morning and afternoon peak hours. There will be intermittent (2-3 minutes at a time) closure of both lanes (north and south bound) between peak hours to safely accommodate construction activities.

Map of construction works (PDF 1MB)