The Suburban Land Agency is offering a Front Garden Landscape Rebate of up to $12,500* if you buy any single residential block in Throsby between 16 April 2019 and 30 June, 2019.

The landscape rebate is designed to encourage sustainable, water wise and local native front gardens, and provide Buyers or Eligible First Transferees with the basic foundations to create such a garden.

Key objectives of the Rebate include:

  • early establishment of Front Gardens within the Estate;
  • reduction of stormwater run-off and the urban heat island effect;
  • planting tree species that respond to the local climate and provide shade during summer;
  • increasing the permeability of surfaces;
  • locating screening plants adjacent to fences, retaining walls and unsightly objects;
  • consideration for the potential impact/management of bushfires;
  • using drought tolerant species which may include both natives and exotic species; and
  • considering local native planting to encourage bird life.

Rebate Amount

The Buyer or First Transferee of an Eligible Block will be entitled to receive a Rebate where all of the Eligibility Requirements have been fulfilled. The Rebate amount payable is dependent on the Block type and/or the Block Frontage as follows:

  Block Type (definition in accordance with the Territory Plan) Rebate Amount
1 Compact Block  $4,000
2 Mid Sized Block $6,000
3 Large Block  $8,000
4 Block with Frontage greater than 25 metres $12,500

* Terms & Conditions apply - 
Front Garden Landscape Rebate Scheme & Guideline for Throsby - April 2019 (PDF 1MB)