Works associated with the Land Development Agency’s sewer upgrade along Melba and Swinden Streets in Downer has now been finished. The work was originally scheduled to finish late last year; however the project was delayed due to the requirement to redesign the sewer layout. The redesign was required in order to avoid a clash with existing services which included an underground high voltage line.

The sewer upgrade was necessary to improve current capacity and meet future development within the area of Downer.

The contractor, Cord Civil, will be laying grass seed on all road verges that were disturbed by the work in the week starting 5 June 2017. Straw mulch will be placed to protect the seed. The grass will continue to be watered and maintained until the grass has sufficient strike (approximately 13 weeks).

If you have any questions or would like to know more information please email or call 13 22 81 and ask for Simon Lansdown.