With all of the recent good weather, Stage 1 work is on track to be complete by the end of January. Stage 2 works (Harold White Avenue to Edgeworth Parade) will start soon after. 

As well as creating new cycling and pedestrian tracks, a separate equestrian trail upgrade is under construction in addition to more seating areas, gabion walls, a raised viewing platform and the inclusion of a basketball hoop at the end of Buttfield Street. Upon completion, there will be a number of new access points near Willesee Rise, Janine Haines Terrace, and along the length of Harold White Avenue and Pearlman Avenue to name a few.

Other works include improvements to the open space through native habitat regeneration, removal of noxious weeds and planting of more than 33,000 individual native trees and shrubs.

Stormwater flows will be managed in a far more sustainable and attractive way throughout the new path network with the construction of six ‘rain gardens’ along the length of the pathway. These purpose built areas collect storm water which is then filtered and treated through native grasses and perennials before it flows into the river. A good example of a fully functioning rain garden can be seen at the river end of Gurd street in Coombs.