West Basin will be transformed into lively, waterfront precinct featuring a new park, playground and pavilion through funding for the first phase of the area’s renewal.
The ACT Chief Minister Mr. Andrew Barr has announced a  $10.1 million in funding to construct a waterfront precinct in West Basin - a central component of the City to the Lake project.  The project is also a key part of the government’s infrastructure program, creating jobs and economic activity in the territory.
The upcoming Budget will be for Canberra – renewing our city suburbs and delivering on the resources our community needs. This Budget will ensure Canberra remains the world’s most liveable city – and a place all Canberrans can be proud of. 
Construction of the first stage of the waterfront is scheduled to commence in late 2015, and will include:

  • a new park, playground, barbeque facilities and recreation areas at ‘Point Park’ - the southern headland of West Basin, adjacent to Commonwealth Avenue bridge
  • a purpose built pavilion on the promenade suitable for a cafe or tourist facility
  • new paths connecting Commonwealth Avenue to the waterfront, and upgrades to the western section of Barrine Drive as it transitions into a new shared zone
  • two signalised intersections on Commonwealth Avenue to enable easier vehicular access to the waterfront and Commonwealth Park.

Urban renewal is a core priority of the ACT Government, as it is vital to growing Canberra’s economy and strengthening our community.  This investment allows for the transformation of areas around the city, catering for a variety of activities and private investment. 
Urban renewal will form a key part of the upcoming ACT Budget – contributing to the government’s continued investment in the Capital to boost employment opportunities and enhance our city.
Visit www.citytolake.com.au for more information.