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Moncrieff Community Surveys

Community SurveyMoncrieff Survey Results 2017

Thanks to everyone that took the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is really helpful to guide the Mingle team and the best ways to support the Moncrieff community. We received 79 responses. Here is a summary of the responses we received.

  • You are a social bunch! 82% of people answering the survey already know at least a few of their neighbours! You highlighted Moncrieff as a safe and welcoming community.
  • A sense of community is very important to Moncrieff Residents. Respondents scored an 83% average in this area.
  • How do you stay connected? The majority of you said the Facebook Mingle and Resident pages were your best way to stay in touch.
  • You identified the things you wanted to get involved in were seasonal activities like Christmas carols and Halloween along with food markets, fitness classes and social clubs, live music and kids’ entertainment.
  • Many of you said you could spare an hour or two of your time every now and then to help out with Mingle activities and events and there are some talented people in this suburb!! We look forward to getting in touch to see how we can best work together for the Moncrieff community.

For the prize we asked you “What makes living in Moncrieff special for you?” And the winners were………

  1. Moncrieff is special to me because we have great neighbours, a great view and we are starting to build a close knit community. I feel safe in my neighbourhood. My kids can ride their bikes out the front and my neighbours wave as they drive past. It gives you a great feeling living here.
  2. Moncrieff has a great sense of calm, there are enough houses/neighbour to feel safe but enough “green space” to go for walk and not feel like you are living on top of each other. Also everyone seems to take pride in their homes.
  3. I love that Moncrieff is bringing back a sense of community mixed in with culture and diversity and a splash of fun!

Winners will be contacted to receive their $200 voucher. Thanks for participating!

2016 Community Survey Results 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the first Moncrieff resident survey. Your input is really valuable and will help to shape the Mingle program. We received 77 responses. Here is a summary of some results:

60% of respondents are 1st home owners.
81% of respondents are either couples or couples with children.
87% of respondents moved from another suburb on the Northside of Canberra.
87% of respondents are planning to live in Moncrieff for more than five years.

99% of respondents say that a sense of community is important to them.
62% of respondents say they enjoy entertaining for family and friends.

75% want future residents to say Moncrieff is a safe place to live.

Social media
Over 80% have visited the Mingle Facebook page and use this as the primary way of finding out information on events.

As part of the survey, residents were invited to share some of the things they were most looking forward to while living in Moncrieff. We were delighted to hear these responses and the following three received a prize!

'Living in a modern, clean and well-planned community with plenty of opportunities to enjoy an excellent lifestyle via outdoor activities and social interactions.’ – Name withheld

‘Creating the “back in the day” neighbourhood. Knowing everyone on our street and having a safe, fun, supportive place for our kids to grow up’ – Kira Smith

‘Moncrieff residents are a tight knit community, looking out for one another. I’m looking forward to making friends and being part of that community’ – Lilian Iskander