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Coombs Peninsula Community Engagement - April 2020

Coombs Peninsula

The Coombs Peninsula is on the 2021/22 Land Release program.

The SLA recognises the special place that Coombs Peninsula holds for the residents of Coombs and we want to create a great place for Coombs that balances the human and natural environment.

To support us in understanding the community vision, values, objectives and theme preferences for the future Coombs Peninsula development, we plan to undertake community information and feedback sessions to feed into a ‘place plan’ for the Coombs Peninsula. Due to the current COVID-19 health emergency, the consultation timetable and format will be advised in the final quarter of 2020.

If you are interested to participate in the community information and feedback sessions, you can register your interest by emailing Please provide your full name, email address and a telephone contact number. If you are representing an organisation please advise which one.

Coombs Peninsula FAQ

What is the history of the development of Coombs Peninsula?

An Estate Development Plan (EDP) and Development Application (DA) for Coombs (including the Peninsula) were approved in December 2011 subject to conditions.

In January 2012, subsequent to this approval, an objection was made by members of the public due to environmental concerns with the blocks at the most northern tip of Coombs (Coombs Peninsula).

In March 2012, the matters were taken to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) for mediation. The parties agreed that the blocks located at the Coombs Peninsula were to be excluded from the DA until the Molonglo River Corridor Plan of Management was to be finalised.

The Molonglo River Corridor Plan of Management was finalised in July 2019.

On 19 September 2019, the Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal tabled Report 9 entitled Draft Variation No. 360—Molonglo River Reserve: Changes to Public Land Reserve Overlay Boundaries and Minor Zone Adjustment. The report is available on the ACT Legislative Assembly website

On 27 November 2019 a Legislative Assembly motion called for Coombs Peninsula to be retained as open space and removed from the Suburban Land Agency’s program by June 2020.

On 11 February 2020, in a letter dated 3 February 2020, Minister Mick Gentleman responded to the Assembly petition rejecting the motion. The response concluded that now that the Molonglo River Reserve Management Plan is in place, a development application for an estate development plan can be lodged with the independent planning and land authority. Final zoning of the land will be determined at that time.

What is the current status of the Coombs Peninsula?

The Government has carefully considered the recommendations of the standing committee and reviewed more recent environmental studies and come to the conclusion that this area is appropriate for development.

The Peninsula is on the 2021/22 Land Release program, zoned future urban and has received planning and environmental clearances at both commonwealth and territory level.

What is the environmental status of the Coombs Peninsula?

As part of the original Estate Development Plan approval for Coombs, the Coombs Peninsula underwent an extensive environmental review and received all clearances under the Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Environmental Significance (NES Plan). Due to the time that has lapsed, a new exemption application under the relevant section of the Planning and Development Act will be required to support any future Estate Development Plan Development Application.

Further works within the Coombs Peninsula will also need to be consistent with the requirements outlined in the NES Plan as well as the Molonglo River Reserve Management Plan.

Will there be residential development on the Coombs Peninsula?

The Coombs Peninsula is listed on the ACT Government Indicative Land Release Program (ILRP) for release in 2020/2021, however, it has recently been moved to the 2021/2022 program. This means that there will be residential development of some sort on the land.

How can I have a say in how the land is developed and when?

The Suburban Land Agency plan to undertake a Community information and feedback process with our planning, place-making and engagement consultants Roberts Day. More information about the consultation format and timetable will be available in the final quarter of 2020.

What zoning applies to the Coombs Peninsula?

Coombs Peninsula is zoned Future Urban Area, the final zoning of the area will be determined as part of the Estate Development Process.

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