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Molonglo Valley Community Update November 2019


Molonglo Valley Community Update

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) provides information updates to the Molonglo Valley Community every six months. This information provides residents in Molonglo Valley with updates across their community from a range of different agencies. 

In the past, these have been delivered face to face, however we are excited to share with you our new online approach, with some updates provided via video, and others documented in written form.

We hope that you find these updates useful and informative.

Questions and Feedback from you

If you have questions or comments to share, there is an opportunity for you to submit content below. All questions will be displayed publicly (and anonymously) in a feed below, and responded to by the Suburban Land Agency (or other relevant agencies).

Content by Section

  • SLA Welcome 00:01

  • Coombs Footpath Network 02:19

  • Coombs Play Space 03:27

  • Current Land Release Program 04:39

  • Land Sales - North Coombs 05:58

  • Cycling and Pedestrian Connections 06:23

  • Weston Creek - Civic Bike Path Connections 07:06

  • Woden Community Services Updates 07:51

  • Tree Planting Program 10:04

  • Mowing Program 11:45

  • New ACT Littering Laws 13:41

  • Illegal Dumping & Building Waste  14:14

  • Weston Creek Walk-In Centre 16:05

  • Coombs Peninsula 19:06

  • Mingle Program Update 20:14

  • Denman Prospect Update 22:18

  • North Wright Play Space 28:00

  • Future Non-Government School Wright 28:38

  • Land Sales - North Wright 29:27

  • Coombs Shops 29:56

  • Community Sites 30:41

  • Estate Presentation 32:53

  • Stromlo Forest Park & Aquatic Centre 34:29

  • Stromlo Forest Park Fire Management Plan 35:24

  • Whitlam 35:57

Further updates this month

Leisure CentreACT Property Group - Stromlo Leisure Centre

Molonglo Valley residents can look forward to a new pool only a short drive from home with the construction of the Stromlo Leisure Centre. The Centre will add to an active lifestyle when it opens in early 2020. This brand new facility will feature a 50-metre pool, a splash park and gym.


Stromlo ParkVenues Canberra - Stromlo Forest Park

  • The new Stromlo Forest Park Bushfire Management plan has been developed for the period 2019-2024. In addition to currently meeting the existing fire fuel management requirements, the new plan identifies a number of additional strategies including further development of asset protection zones for Denman Prospect and Wright.  Work has commenced on delivering these new strategies.
  • The ACT Government is developing new mountain bike trails in Stromlo Forest Park this year. Venues Canberra is working closely with the Stromlo Forest Park Trail Advisory Group to understand needs and trends in relation to new trails and trail builds and will look to start work early in 2020.

SchoolACT Education - New Public School in Denman Prospect

The ACT’s public education is consistently ranked among the best in Australia, and our school system is increasingly the system of choice for ACT residents. Since 2010, the number of students attending ACT public schools has grown by more than 26 per cent.

The first stage will be a preschool to year 6 facility which opens at the start of the 2021 school year. It will offer places for 600 primary students and 44 pre-school students and include facilities for use by the local community.


Bridge CrossingTransport Canberra and City Services - Molonglo River Bridge Crossing & Molonglo 3 Roads and Infrastructure Package

Molonglo River Bridge Crossing

The ACT Government is planning roads and infrastructure upgrades to improve access in and around the Molonglo Valley and to keep our city moving as Canberra grows. The completion of John Gorton Drive including the Molonglo River bridge will support significant land releases in Molonglo, including the full development of Denman Prospect, Whitlam and the Molonglo Commercial Centre. When built, the new bridge will span 227.5 metres across the region’s major river.

Moloonglo 3 Roads and Infrastructure Package

The project team are working hard with the first layer of asphalt being laid on the new lanes of Coppins Crossing Road and traffic now travelling on the new future southbound lanes as we move to upgrade the future northbound lanes. Roadworks remain on track for completion in mid-2020.


Comments, Questions & Answers

I have just watched the latest Molonglo update, very informative and impressive so thanks.

Just watched the Molonglo update video and thought it was great. Good information well presented, well done.

Why is there only one shop in Coombs shopping complex? Is the owner charging too much rent?

The lease conditions for block 3 section 36 Coombs required that the development be completed and a certificate of occupancy be obtained within 48 months after settlement. This deadline was 15 April 2019 and a Certificate of Occupancy and Use was issued in September 2018 by Access Canberra.

Access Canberra advise that they are satisfied that the lease is being used in accordance with its purpose clause. The purpose clause does not require that the whole building be used, rather the only requirement is to use the lease (or part of the lease) for the intended purpose, including shop, restaurant or business agency.  The SLA is not involved in the operation of the Coombs shops and is not aware of what rental rates the lessee is seeking.

What is the ACT government doing to address the issue of the lack of shops in the Coombs and Wright area?

The ACT Government is currently assessing the development application for the Koko development in Wright which includes a 1,500m2 supermarket.  Additionally, ACT Government is finalising the concept plan development for the Molonglo Commercial Centre and following this work the SLA will commence planning work on the future Molonglo Commercial Centre with a view to the first land release in 2021-22.

I have been trying for a number of years to get our local parks maintained PROPERLY. I live in Catalano Street Wright opposite the small kids’ playground that runs along John Gorton Drive. My granddaughter visited me often before she started school and always asked if we could weed the park. Her and I kept it weed free in about one hour per fortnight. Since she started school this year we have not done anything and it is now a weed infested disgrace. I have put so many entries on Fix My Street but the best action I have been able to get is to be asked to run a group to maintain it. Workers come once every six months or so and do some spraying but all that does is leave dead weeds in place of live ones. They do nothing to clear up the mess that is there, some big bundles of dead plants have been there for years and make no attempt to replace the hundred or more plants that have died off. The same applies to the park along Banjo Patterson. Not only is it too weed infested and missing plants, but blackberries are growing in one garden. I reported the blackberries to Fix My Street months ago also but again no action. I know the actual physical work is not your responsibility but whatever SLA is doing in regard to estate management I can tell you it is not working.

Thank you for this feedback.  The SLA have forwarded your comments to the City Presentation Team and we are looking into what additional measures SLA can do in these particular locations.

I live at Observatory Living complex in Wright. We have amazing gardens designed by the TV garden guru Jamie Durie. We spend about $100,000 of Owners Corporation money every year maintaining our gardens and replacing dead plants. I have had many discussions with ACT Parks about our nature strip trees and they have replaced quite a few but many more are still required. I did respond to the request in regard to the 17,000 trees but recognise this is for all of Canberra for three years so not really as impressive as it sounds. Even less so when I drive around Wright and Coombs and see the disappointingly large number of nature strip trees in need of replacement, not to mention underplanting particularly along John Gorton Drive. I did see workers replacing two trees on our Catalano Street nature strip today which is very welcome, I eagerly await some more on Philip Hodgins Street but when Stephen Alegria states that there are only 46 trees for the whole of Wright and Coombs, I don't hold out much hope.

Thank you for this feedback.  SLA is working with TCCS on replacement trees within Wright and Coombs and are currently looking at required works on John Gorton Drive.  We hope to be undertaking remediation works early next year.

Why are developers allowed to get away with submitting plans for developments with far more units than a block is zoned for?

Any lessee of land in the ACT can apply for the planning controls on their site to be reviewed and potentially changed.  This is done via a statutory application process and is assessed by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate.

What is being done to address building quality issues in this area?

Building quality is one the key ACT Government reforms currently underway.  More information is available at the EPSDD website here:

What is being done to address the problems of petty crime, particularly theft, and hooning in this area?

Coombs and Wright are currently policed from the Woden Police Station.  Patrols are scheduled frequently, and residents are encouraged to report all crime to either the Police or to Crimestoppers.  The SLA also hold regular crime and safety sessions where residents can speak directly to ACT Policing about their concerns.  More information on keeping your home and property safe can be viewed here:

Why aren’t rangers policing illegal parking and off-lead dogs in this area?

Rangers patrol Coombs and Wright as part of their regular suburban visits. Residents can however report illegal parking through the Access Canberra Website here:!tabs-5

Residents can also report dogs off lead here:!tabs-2

What is being done to address traffic congestion along Cotter Road, John Gorton Drive and the Tuggeranong Parkway?

Transport Canberra are currently preparing the Moving Canberra strategy which proposes to take the ambition of Transport for Canberra further by suggesting a long-term vision for a smart, customer-focused, sustainable and integrated transport network.  More information can be accessed here:

With respect to specific road planning for Molonglo Valley, the Coppins Crossing Bridge is due for completion in 2024 and early planning work is underway for the east west arterial road which will provide a further connection on to Tuggeranong Parkway.

Are there plans to dump more public housing tenants into this area, when we have few facilities and NO shops?

The current objectives of the ACT Housing Strategy as they relate to Public Housing is to grow and renew social housing to better meet demand and to build a range of housing options that are designed to better meet the diverse and contemporary tenant needs.  All current and future suburbs in Molonglo will have a proportion of social housing that offers long-term rental accommodation for people on low to moderate incomes.

In short, please answer the serious questions about deficiencies in this area instead of pushing the Labor-Greens propaganda.

The questions and topic areas addressed in the SLA Molonglo Valley November video updates were in direct response to questions from the community.  Keep your eyes out for our next video update in 2020 and feel free to post questions ahead of the production of the video such that we can address your concerns.