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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

The Kingston Foreshore development established itself as a leader in environmentally sustainable development (ESD), long before such aims became the norm. At the time of planning, Kingston Foreshore's commitment to environmental sustainability was considered progressive and ahead of its time.

Early on, the planning for the site incorporated key ESD principles addressing energy use, air quality, potable water consumption and managing wastewater and stormwater. The application of these principles has delivered some significant outcomes on the site.

Energy Performance Targets

Environmental InitiativesEnergy performance targets include a 50 per cent reduction in energy demand in residential buildings, compared with conventional norms. Water consumption is also targeted for a 50 per cent reduction, aiming at a personal usage of less than 275 litres per day.

From Kingston Foreshore’s early development days to today, adopting sustainability measures has been a clear focus for many developments throughout the precinct. From minimum 6 star energy ratings, community gardens, stormwater retention tanks for re-use in gardens and toilets, the use of sustainable building materials and the creation of electric vehicle ready basements, developers are carefully implementing measures which consider the wider environmental impacts .

Environmental remediation

Environmental Initiatives

Given the site's former industrial uses, significant areas required careful environmental remediation and a strict environmental management plan was established from the outset. Following independent validation, the development meets the strictest environmental standards to the point where treated soil is being reused across the site.

Norgrove Park and Eco-Pond

The centrepiece of Kingston Foreshore's innovative and efficient water management strategy is the Norgrove Park's Eco-pond. Read more about the environmental significance of Norgrove Park and Eco Pond and other parks at Kingston Foreshore.

Heritage trees

Kingston Foreshore is home to a number of heritage-listed trees, these include:

  • Euphrates Poplars (Populus euphratica) are located along the lakeshore adjacent to the Waterfront Apartments
  • White brittle gums (Eucalyptus mannifera) near the Canberra Glassworks
  • Monterey Pines (Pinus radiata) on Wentworth Ave
  • Cedar in front of the Former Transport Depot
  • Arizona and Himalayan Cypress on Wentworth Avenue

The heritage listings provide a level of protection for the management of the trees.