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2015 Kingston Foreshore Community Census

A census of the Kingston Foreshore community was conducted in 2015 to gauge how residents felt about being a part of the precinct community, its dining opportunities, parks and recreation and much more. The census provided insight into present and future community and assisted with future plans for the area.

Key findings

  • 94% - The overall satisfaction rate of residents living at Kingston Foreshore

Profile of residents: Age Groups

Age Groups

Table description:
Aged between 18-24 years | Percentage of Kingston Foreshore residents: 15% | Percentage of ACT residents: 34%
Aged between 25-34 years | Percentage of Kingston Foreshore residents: 23% | Percentage of ACT residents: 17%
Aged between 35-54 | Percentage of Kingston Foreshore residents: between 10-20% | Percentage of ACT residents: between 10-20%
Aged between 55-84 years | Percentage of Kingston Foreshore residents: 33%% | Percentage of ACT residents: 21%


Profile of residents: Household type 

Household Type

Table description:
Couples with no dependents: 48% | Single person household: 29% | Household with children: 16% | Shared occupancy: 4% | Other 2%​


Profile of residents: Employment status

Employment Status

Table description:
Employed full time: 65% | Retired: 19% | Employed part-time/casual: 10% | Student: 3% | Homeduties: 2% Other: 2% Unemployed: 1%


Profile of residents: Primary means of transport

Primary means of Transport

Table description:

Car: 71% | Walk: 12% | Cycle: 7% | Bus: 6% | Motorbike: 2% | Other: 2%


Main reasons identified for living at Kingston Foreshore:

  • 97% lifestyle factors (restaurants, cafes, parks, waterfront living)
  • 87% proximity factors (proximity to work, town centres, basic amenities)
  • 69% neighbourhood factors (clean attractive streetscapes, status, prestige)
  • 28% Suitable dwellings
  • 26% value (sound investment)

Main reasons for living at Kingston Foreshore

Main reasons for living at Kingston Foreshore

Table description:
Lifestyle factors: 97%
Local restaurants, cafes, retail, markets: 66% | Waterfront living: 62% | Parks, space, wetlands: 31% | Precinct with combination of residential, commercial, open space areas:27%
Proximity factors: 87%
Proximity to work: 39% | Proximity to town centres: 30% | Proximity to basic amenities: 28%
Neighbourhood: 69%
Clean, attractive, green streetscapes: 27% | Status,prestige: 22%
Dwelling suitable: 28%
Downsizing: 23%
Value: 26%
Sound investment: 20%


Top three reasons residents chose to live at Kingston Foreshore (split by buyers and renters):

Purchasers/owner occupiers:
  • 68% waterfront living;           
  • 61% local restaurants, cafes etc..;
  • 35% parks and open space
  • 73% Local restaurants, cafes etc..;
  • 62% Close to work;
  • 51% waterfront living.

Features of Kingston Foreshore which work well...

  • Parks and Open Spaces (85% satisfaction rate)
  • Lifestyle (83% satisfaction rate)
  • Safety and Security (85% satisfaction rate)
  • Variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants (78% satisfaction rate)
  • Cleanliness (70% satisfaction rate)

 Features of Kingston Foreshore which could be improved....

  • Construction noise (20% reported as being very disruptive)
  • Traffic management (25% reported as being very disruptive)
  • Parking (37% reported as being very disruptive)

Words associated with Kingston Foreshore

Words associated with Kingston Foreshore

(the larger the size of the word the more popular it was among respondents)

Disclaimer: Material contained in this census is owned by the ACT Government. Information may be utilised for personal or non-commercial use only. Information must not be copied, adapted, published or distributed for commercial purposes without the express permission of the ACT Government.