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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Southquay Greenway? 

Southquay Greenway is a Mixed Use development along the eastern and western shores of Lake Tuggeranong.

The development aims to enliven the Tuggeranong Lake foreshore and strengthen the Town Centre through a mixture of residential and commercial development, a central park with children’s playground and a lakefront promenade.

The first eight sites in Southquay West were successfully auctioned in 2014/15. Southquay East will consist of four to five blocks of land, with the development of the fifth block (the most southern and adjacent to Isabella Weir) subject to an environmental referral to the Commonwealth Government.

When did construction commence and when will it finish? 

The civil and site servicing works for the western side of the estate between Anketell Street and Lake Tuggeranong is now complete. All eight blocks sold, one site (Watermark) is complete and occupied, three other sites are under construction. Another two are due to commence in the next 6 months.

The development application for the next stage of the Southquay Greenway development, between Lake Tuggeranong and Drakeford Drive has now been publicly notified. The DA includes plans for additional residential sites and changes to Drakeford Drive, including a signalised intersection to provide access into the estate.

Update DA status - Development approval for estate works; civil and site servicing, is expected to be issued in June 2017. 

What community consultation was undertaken in relation to the development? 

The community consultation process on the Southquay Greenway project began in November 2010 as part of the Tuggeranong and Erindale masterplans. The previously known Suburban Land Agency and the the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) worked with the community and stakeholders during the development of the Greenway masterplan. To date, this process has involved various presentations to the community since April 2011, ongoing briefings with the Tuggeranong Community Council and Business Tuggeranong (2011 to 2017), interviews with key stakeholders including adjacent landowners, user groups, businesses and community leaders, a community workshop, and an information stall at the Tuggeranong Festival in late November 2010 and information stalls at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome and Lanyon Marketplace since 2010 to 2017.

In October 2016, additional communication and engagement activities began to provide people with an update on the project including the status of the second stage of the Southquay development. In January 2017 and February 2017, members of the project team held drop-in sessions at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome and attended the February Tuggeranong Community Council meeting. Another drop-in session was held at the Lanyon Marketplace on Friday 3 March from 4pm-7pm.

How will the development affect pedestrian and cyclist access to and around the lake? 

The Southquay Greenway masterplan will complete the shared pedestrian and cycle loop around Lake Tuggeranong, and will include a new bridge to unite both sides of the lake. The path will be 3.0 meters wide providing a safer and more convenient path for people who want to access and enjoy Lake Tuggeranong and the surrounding area.

Construction activities will temporarily prevent public access to the eastern side of Tuggeranong Pond south of the existing weir until further notice. The existing shared path network will remain open.

There will be minor disruptions to the exisitng path near the weir to accomodate estate servicing works. Alternative paths will be made avaliable. 

How will traffic impacts relating to the proposed development be addressed? Will there be adequate on-site parking for new residents and visitors? 

The Southquay Greenway project provides an opportunity to strengthen the existing transport networks, including shared use and cycle connections, and to create a connection between the proposed site and existing infrastructure of the Tuggeranong Town Centre.

The primary access to the western side of the site is via Anketell Street and a new signalised intersection on Drakeford Drive will provide safe access to the proposed development on the eastern side. A secondary left-out egress point northbound onto Drakeford Drive will also be provided.  Vehicular access within the estate will be provided via a two-way road with on street parking.

Roadside signage will be in place to alert motorists to any traffic impacts during construction.

What are the plans for bicycle paths once development is complete? 

As part of the Southquay Greenway development, a separated path on the eastern verge of Anketell Street (2.5m wide for cyclists and a 2.0m wide path for pedestrians) has been constructed.

In addition to the existing shared path along the western verge of Athllon Drive which links to the Town Centre, there is an existing 2.5m wide path network to the north on Lake Tuggeranong which heads south toward Bonython and Gordon.

The current 2.5m wide path has been expanded to 3.0m wide on the western side which is consistent with Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) Design Standards for recreational shared paths. This 3.0m wide path will connect the eastern side of the estate via a low level bridge at teh southern end of the lake. 

What is the proposed height of the development on the eastern side of the lake?

Development on the eastern side will allow 9.5 metres on the lakefront (three storeys) and 13 metres on the Drakeford Drive frontage (four storeys). The designs enable a large proportion of residents to capture views towards the water.

Western side

On the western side the development includes a mix of densities that respond to appropriate locations across the site. It is appropriate for Anketell Street to host higher and denser developments to enhance the activity of this spine, with the possibility of two or three slender residential developments at ten to twelve storeys.

A tiered approach has been adopted with a mix of eight to two storey developments stepping down towards the waters edge. The designs enable a large proportion of residents to capture views towards the water.

The proposed building heights in the Southquay Greenway Master Plan have been supported and reflected within the Tuggeranong Town Centre masterplan prepared by EPSDD and subsequently in the Territory Plan and relevant Precinct Code.

Will the development result in the removal of trees? 

The majority of trees on the eastern side of the development will be removed by the private developers of the individual blocks.  These trees have been assessed by an arborist/landscape architect and a tree assessment report has been prepared as part of the Estate Development Plan.  The trees have been assessed to the mandatory requirements of Tree Survey as described in ACTs Tree Protection (Guidelines for Tree Management Plans). The tree assessment report has determined that “none of the trees assessed are of quality significant enough to warrant any changes to the proposed development.

The southernmost block (block E) is subject to a Commonwealth Government referral and is not guaranteed to be developed.

Amendments to the approved original design for the Southquay masterplan (East and West) were made in July 2013 in response to the Lake Carers Group concerns over exotic trees proposed to be planted on the lakes edge. These exotic trees have been substituted with natives.  Exotic tree leaf litter can add to nutrient build-up in the water and therefore have a detrimental effect on water quality.

Landscape works on the eastern side will include developing a streetscape on the access road off Drakeford Drive and tidying up/rehabilitating the lakefront and remaining areas of forward plantings that occurred on the site soon after the lake was built.

What measures have been put in place to manage water quality for the future? 

The ACT Government has installed approved water quality improvement measures including two storm inceptor systems in and around Tuggeranong Pond in accordance with EPA and TCCS approved requirements and with input from the Tuggeranong Community Council and Lake Carers Group where possible.

Will there be any impact on the adjacent Isabella Pond? 

The Economic Development Directorate (EDD) Capital Works Branch has commenced works as part of the Capital Works Program for the upgrade of Isabella Weir and spillway.  This will entail the temporary draining of Isabella Pond and a portion of Lake Tuggeranong (just downstream of the weir) to allow for the upgrade works.

These works will include the removal of any sediment build-up in the pond which will also help improve the water quality.  It will also include the creation of a new wetland to further the quality of water that enters Lake Tuggeranong.