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Frequently Asked Questions

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Molonglo Valley

Where is Molonglo Valley?

Molonglo Valley is located between Weston Creek and Belconnen. It is less than 10 kilometres from the City, five kilometres from Woden and 12 kilometres from Belconnen.

What suburbs are planned for Molonglo Valley and when will this happen?

Several suburbs are planned for the Molonglo Valley region and will continue to be developed over a number of years.

Molonglo Valley is being planned in the following three stages:

  • Stage 1 – suburbs of Coombs and Wright, and the region of North Weston
  • Stage 2 – suburbs of Denman Prospect and Molonglo
  • Stage 3 – suburbs north of the Molonglo River.

For further information about the status of current and future stages visit

What will the estimated population of Molonglo Valley be in the long term?

The region’s population will continue to grow as new suburbs are developed, with the population expected to exceed 55,000 residents.

Where can I found out further information about road works taking place on major roads throughout the Molonglo Valley?

The ACT Government will continue to undertake capital works projects to improve road networks throughout the Molonglo Valley. Improvements will be undertaken on John Gorton Drive, William Hovell Drive and Coppins Crossing Road. For further information about major road works visit

What road changes will occur during the construction of Molonglo Valley?

In the medium term, a new arterial road connecting the future Molonglo Centre to the Tuggeranong Parkway has been proposed and is shown on the Territory Plan. A range of recent changes to arterial roads of Cotter Road and Streeton Drive are continuing; improving long term traffic flow. Northern connections to William Hovell Drive, Bindubi Street and Coulter Drive are planned to provide alternative access routes in and out of Molonglo Valley to supplement Cotter Road in the future.

What types of community and recreation facilities will be in the Molonglo Valley?

Molonglo Valley will include a host of community and recreation facilities, such as schools, shopping areas, children’s playgrounds and parks.

Molonglo Valley residents also enjoy unprecedented access to some of Canberra’s most popular recreation and relaxation places, including the Molonglo River Corridor, the National Arboretum Canberra and Stromlo Forest Park.

The Stromlo Forest Master Plan will drive the evolution of Stromlo Forest Park into a vibrant, specialist centre for recreational and professional sports in Canberra. The Master Plan has identified a range of projects for possible future development to improve the facilities with work progressing on the first significant project, a 50-metre pool which is expected to be completed in 2019. Find out more about the Stromlo Forest Master Plan.

The Molonglo River Park Concept Plan has been developed as the guiding framework for the ongoing implementation of conservation, recreation and bushfire management activities in the Molonglo River Corridor. The plan will guide detailed design for landscape, recreation, trails and fire management areas. Find out more about the Molonglo River Park Concept Plan.

Will there be a petrol station in Molonglo Valley?

A site for a petrol station was sold by the LDA in 2015. The LDA is currently investigating possible sites for a petrol station in Molonglo Valley.The site is located on Cotter Road. 

Tell me more about the Molonglo Commercial Centre

The Molonglo Commercial Centre and environs is to be developed as part of Molonglo Valley Stage 2 and is expected to include the main shopping centre for the Molonglo Valley.

Planning and design is underway for the commercial centre and immediate surrounding residential area, which will aim to accommodate 7,000-9,000 people of the total 18,000 residents anticipated for Stage 2. The commercial centre will become a vibrant, mixed use urban village and will also include high quality open space areas.

Find out more about the Commercial Centre’s plans and progress.

Molonglo Valley is also located only minutes from the community and commercial hubs of Weston Creek, Woden, Belconnen and Civic, which means residents have access to services such as childcare and medical facilities in these established centres.

What types of public transport will be available?

Wright and Coombs have been designed to provide easy access for buses. Further information can be found at

Molonglo Valley will also be linked to existing centres in Civic, Woden and Belconnen through an extensive network of cycle paths, offering residents a cleaner, healthier way to get around.  

When will the school and local shops be open?

The primary school in Coombs is scheduled to open in 2016 and the local shopping centre site is scheduled for release to the market in 2014.

What environmental approvals or assessments have been carried out during the planning for Molonglo Valley?

The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) has carried out a series of detailed assessments looking at the environmental, social and urban impacts of Molonglo Valley as part of the initial planning and approvals process. As a result of this process, some parts of Molonglo Valley have been excluded from development to ensure that there is no risk to protected plant and animal species.

This has allowed the ACT Government to achieve a balance between supporting our native environment where it needs protecting, and developing much needed homes in areas that have been identified as suitable for urban development.

The environmental attributes of the Molonglo River Corridor are recognised and protected under the Commonwealth Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, through the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment. Find out more information.  

What is variation 306 to the territory plan?

Variation 306 to the Territory Plan – Residential Development, Estate Development and Leasing Codes commenced on 5 July 2013. As a result, there are some important changes to the Single Dwelling Housing Development Code that need to be considered in the design of your new home in Wright and Coombs. More information can be found at

Please note that the Coombs and Wright Concept Plan (Concept Plan) is deemed to be a precinct code under the Planning and Development ACT 2007.

Code inconsistencies

More than one type of code may apply to a particular development proposal. Occasionally inconsistencies between the provisions arise, particularly where a precinct code seeks to apply special provisions in response to particular local circumstances or planning issues. Where this occurs, a precinct code prevails over a development code and a general code, but only to the extent of the inconsistency.

Rule 63 in the concept plan

The above rule has particular relevance in regards to Rule 63 (Solar Access Envelope) in the Concept Plan. This rule takes precedence over Rule 7 in the Single Dwelling Housing Development Code. Please also note that Rule 63 is a mandatory requirement and as such there is no applicable criterion.

For further enquiries about Variation 306, contact the Home Sustainability Advisor on (02) 6207 0390 or email

When is Whitlam scheduled for release?

Whitlam is the newest ACT Government estate to be developed and will be the first Molonglo Valley suburb to be constructed north of the Molonglo River. Initial planning is underway and the first blocks are currently scheduled for release in 2019.  

Where is Denman Prospect located?

Denman Prospect is Molonglo Valley’s newest suburb located north of Wright and Coombs on John Gorton Drive. On completion, the estate will be home to approximately 4,000 dwellings.

Denman Prospect Stage 1 was sold to local company, Capital Estate Development Pty Ltd in 2015 who will develop and release the first stage. To find out more about Denman Prospect Stage 1 visit the Denman Prospect website.