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Plant a Tree in Your Canberra Garden

 Plant a Tree in Your Canberra Garden is a practical guide to choosing the right tree for your garden based on your house design and local conditions. When selected carefully and placed in the right spot, trees can create shade and privacy in your garden, provide habitat for birds and bees, block winds and grow fruit that you can harvest for years to come. The trees recommended in the guide are suggestions based on Canberra's unique climate and soil conditions, including their frost tolerance! There are also useful resources included in this guide for further reading about choosing the right tree for your garden. 

If you want to learn more about what we are doing to care for your local environment, how you can get involved in sustainability initiatives in your community, or tips and tricks for a beautiful garden, sign up to our sustainability, design and placemaking newsletter!

Climate Wise Garden Designs Booklet

 The Suburban Land Agency has worked with local landscape architect Edwina Robinson to create a selection of climate-wise gardens that residents can use as inspiration for their own homes. The Climate Wise Garden Designs booklet contains beautiful illustrations of gardens that centre on three themes: climate wise, low-maintenance and edible gardens. We have included advice on how to design your dream garden, how to plant a garden that will flourish under local conditions, and a list of plant species that are ideal for Canberra’s changing climate. 


Sustainability Strategy

 The Suburban Land Agency has adopted a revised Sustainability Strategy for the period 2021-25, which responds to the latest ACT Government policies and priorities, while setting ambitious objectives around the built and natural environment.

The Strategy centres on four key themes, which incorporate elements of social and environmental sustainability. The SLA will continue to work with government, industry and the community to deliver more sustainable suburban and urban development for Canberra.



Our vision for Canberra

Resilient Communities 

Climate change is already presenting numerous challenges through more intense and frequent weather events. Improving the resilience of our communities and our natural environment will help Canberra withstand these challenges and improve our ability to respond to change.


  • Care for our natural environment and bushland areas
  • Support the community to develop resilience and adapt to a changing climate
  • Create communities that support the wellbeing of all residents, including those of different ages, income levels and cultural backgrounds


Zero Emission Suburbs

The ACT Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2045 at the latest. To help meet this important milestone, the SLA has set out a roadmap to achieving zero emissions suburbs and precincts in the newest areas of Canberra. Read our Sustainability Strategy to find out how you can help us to reduce our energy footprint. 


  • Work towards the creation of zero emissions suburbs and urban precincts
  • Support industry and residents to build sustainable homes
  • Support sustainable modes of transport







Responsible Consumption and Production

One of the priorities in the SLA Sustainability Strategy is protecting the natural environment and reducing our use of finite resources like water, land and building materials. We have identified five key steps the SLA can take to reduce consumption and contribute towards a circular economy. To find out more, check out the Sustainability Strategy


  • Minimise the use of natural resources and the generation of waste
  • Minimise disturbance of the natural environment
  • Support sharing environments that reuse materials and minimise the cost of living





Healthy, Prosperous and Inclusive Places

Healthy, prosperous and inclusive places support diverse communities and recognise the history of the Ngunnawal people; encourage healthy, active lifestyles; are well connected; and create local business opportunities.


  • Focus on improving the health and wellbeing of communities through design, development and engagement
  • Encourage the development of great places with opportunities for growth
  • Support diverse communities that are well connected and which foster their own sense of identity

How you can help us make Canberra more sustainable?

Read the SLA Sustainability Strategy to find out more about how you can help us achieve our vision, and make Canberra more sustainable. If you’d like to reach out to our Sustainability team, you can contact us at or on (02) 6205 0600.