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Minister’s Expectations

Statement of Intent

Land Release Program

Portfolio Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan 2022-2024

The Public Sector Management Act 1994 requires agencies to adopt an active preventative strategy towards the control of all breaches of integrity, including fraud and corruption. The Plan and Risk Assessment:

  • provides an overarching framework for the Suburban Land Agency, City Renewal Authority and Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate to manage the issues of fraudulent activity or corrupt behaviours by staff, contractors, third party service providers and clients
  • raises awareness of fraud and corruption among staff, and to assist staff to prevent, detect and report suspected cases of fraud and corruption and guide the management of cases of alleged fraud and/or corruption.


Acquisitions Quarterly Report

Annual Reports

Small Business Payment Times Reporting

The Suburban Land Agency is required to report on the timeliness of payments made to the Agency’s small business suppliers.

This information is submitted for each half year and is publicly available via the Payment Times Reporting Regulator website at


Sustainability Strategy 2021–25

Housing Strategic Action Plan 2022-23

Chief Executive Financial Instructions


MoU Between EPSDD and SLA

Forms of Contract Payment

The Agency’s Forms and Payments Policy aims to:

  • provide clarity to all stakeholders on the Agency’s position in relation to acceptance of the various payment forms for exchange deposits, Project Delivery Deeds and other arrangements
  • mitigate risks in relation to acceptance of deposits or insurance bonds and bank guarantees as payments, particularly around access to the funds over the required term.

Front Garden Landscape Rebate Scheme and Guidelines Policy

This policy establishes the principles to be followed in determining whether a Buyer or Eligible First Transferee is eligible to receive the Front Garden Landscape Rebate Scheme (Rebate). Staff within the Suburban Land Agency must comply with this policy when administering the Front Garden Landscape Rebate.

Risk Management Framework and Policy Statement

We are committed to effective and efficient identification, treatment and monitoring of risks to the organisation. The purpose of the Framework is to integrate the process of risk management activities and functions. Effective risk management is regarded as essential for the development and delivery of quality services across the ACT Government, its Ministers and the ACT community. The Framework provides the foundation and arrangement for how risk is managed across the Agency.

Records Information Management Program

The Suburban Land Agency understands and acknowledges the importance of, and public value in, the records, information and data that we collect and generate in the course of serving the ACT community.  Records, information, data are vital corporate assets to inform, plan for and achieve outcomes that are relevant and valuable to the community, business and government.
We are committed to the proper management of our records, information and data in order to uphold our commitments to the community, good governance and to comply with the requirements of the Territory Records Act 2002 (the Act). 
To meet our obligations against the Territory Records Act 2002, the Suburban Land Agency Chief Executive has adopted the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Records, Information and Data Management Program (the Program). 
If you would like further information about SLA’s recording keeping or the Program, please contact or

Sponsorship Policy

This policy establishes the principles to be followed when considering and/or managing Sponsorships with the Suburban Land Agency. Staff within the Agency must comply with this policy when considering and managing Sponsorships.


Valuations Procedure

Staff seeking valuation advice for land transactions are to be aware of the minimum timing requirement that is required for the Valuations team to fully process a valuations request:

  • Establishing a sale price – eight (8) weeks;
  • Due diligence expenditure and Business Case development – six (6) weeks;
  • Feasibility – four (4) weeks;
  • Acquisition – four (4) weeks;
  • Land transfers between the ACT Government and the Commonwealth Government and within the ACT Government – six (6) weeks;
  • Market appraisal – four (4) weeks;
  • A single non-complex site, could be completed within two (2) to four (4) weeks;
  • About twenty (20) blocks, could be completed within four (4) to eight (8) weeks; and
  • About five hundred (500) blocks, could be completed within twelve (12) weeks.

The timing requirement is also contingent on existing work pressures, available resources in the Valuations team, the complexity of the site or volume of the request, or where multiple releases are scheduled to occur within the same timeframe.

These approximate timeframes commence when the request has been fully scoped and all required information relating to the request has been received by the Valuations team.

As a general practice, business areas requiring valuation services at a future date are strongly advised to liaise with the Valuations team early and prior to seeking the valuations service.

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