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How to Buy - Ballot Process

Ballot Process

Buying Land Made EasyAn Overview of Buying Land via Ballot from the ACT Government

A new land release in an ACT Government residential estate may be offered for sale through the ballot system. The ballot system is the fairest and most transparent way the ACT Government can sell residential blocks to the public.

Block prices are set at the market value, which allows the buyer to purchase the block without the risk of a higher bidder obtaining the block.

How does the ballot work?

To participate in a ballot, potential buyers must register their details using the online system during the advertised registration period.  These details include the full names of each buyer, their residential address, solicitor details and the type of lease they wish to enter into. For more information about Land Rent please click here.

Once the registration form has been submitted, the potential buyer is then entered into the ballot and given a unique ballot number. Once the registration period closes, each eligible ballot number is entered into an electronic ballot draw system.

Witnessed by Gaming and Racing officials, the ballot is drawn at the land sale’s head office. 

Ballot numbers are drawn sequentially and the official results are uploaded on to the land sale's website.

Changes to GST on Land Sales - Fact Sheet

As of 1 July 2018, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) payable on land sales will be collected in a different way. It is important to note that the sale price of the land and amount of GST payable remains exactly the same. The GST component will now be collected separately under the GST Withholding Scheme.

View our GST Fact Sheet (PDF 309KB)


Block Selection Appointment

Successful ballot registrants will be invited to a block selection appointment to select and purchase a block.

To secure a block, the successful registrants must sign a First Grant Contract at their block selection appointment. They will be required to select either a Land Rent contract or Standard Contract at the time of selection. A sample copy of the contract terms will be available online during the ballot registration period. A payment may be required depending on varying circumstances as set out below:

If a Standard lease is selected, the buyer must pay a 10% deposit at their block selection appointment.

If a Land Rent lease is selected, the buyer must pay a $2,000 security payment - eligibility requirements apply.

These payments can be made by cheque or credit. Once paid, the buyer will be given a receipt of purchase.


Settlement of the contract depends on when the block is ready to build on. The ACT Govnerment may release land that is not ready to build on when the First Grant Contract is signed by the purchaser. The front page of the First Grant Contract will outline an estimated date range for completion of civil works. This means it is estimated that the civil construction of the estate will be complete and all the appropriate certification and approvals issued within this period. This is known as Operational Acceptance, or when the estate is ‘Land Ready’. 

The ACT Government's legal advisor will serve the Crown Lease to the purchaser, or their nominated solicitor shortly after Operational Acceptance occurs. When the Crown Lease is received, the purchaser will also receive settlement instructions including the scheduled settlement date. For further information, please refer to Clause 5 of the First Grant Contract. To settle a Contract, the outstanding amount of the sale price must be paid (not required if a Land Rent lease has been selected) on or before the completion date as stated in the Contract.

For more information

For more information regarding the sales process please contact the Sales Team on 1800 777 952 or