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2010-2011 Consultation

The below Summary Report provides an overview of the key outcomes of the consultation process to support development of the Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy. It includes:

  • the key steps in the consultation process;
  • a summary of the engagement activities conducted since the consultation process commenced in April 2010;
  • the main themes arising in community and stakeholder responses;
  • the key issues raised in community and stakeholder feedback and the related Final Draft Master Plan response; and
  • the overall outcomes of the consultation process and relationship to the Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy.

Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy - Consultation Summary Report (PDF 1.4MB)

Community Feedback on the Preferred Master Plan Options

On 4 December 2010, the LDA held a Community Information and Feedback Session at the Canberra Brickworks. The display exhibited two preferred options for the study area and sought feedback from the community on the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The LDA received comment from the community in the form of Feedback Forms, written submissions and emails.

All feedback received during the comment period (4 December 2010 – 28 February 2011) is contained below.

Email submissions (PDF 3.5MB)
Letter submissions (PDF 1.3MB)

Feedback Form submissions

The LDA also undertook a telephone survey that canvassed feedback from 1,400 respondents. 500 people were randomly surveyed from within Yarralumla, Curtin and Deakin and a remaining 900 members of the public were surveyed from wider Canberra. The findings of the survey can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Preferred options from telephone survey Community Information and Feedback Session (PDF 350KB)

On Saturday 4 December 2010, the LDA held a community drop-in session to present two final options for the Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy.  In response to community feedback during the Community Conversation Workshops, the two options presented for comment were:

Mothballed Option 
• Adaptation Option 

The PDF documents below represent each of the sixteen boards displayed during the consultation.

1. Welcome Canberra Brickworks (PDF 3.7MB)
2. Canberra is Growing and Changing (PDF 1.2MB)
3. The Planning Process (PDF 1.5MB)
4. Community Conversation Workshop Three (PDF 5.5MB)
5. Option Mothballed (PDF 500KB)
6. Heritage Conservation (PDF 3MB)
7. Urban Design Principles (PDF 4.2MB)
8. Urban Design Principles (PDF 4.9MB)
9. Option Adaptation Masterplan (PDF 4.4MB)
10. Adaptation Canberra Brickworks (PDF 3.3MB)
11. Adaptation Canberra Brickworks (PDF 4.6MB)
12. Adaptation Quarry Park (PDF 3.3MB)
13. Adaptation Linear Park (PDF 4.4MB)
14. Adaptation Dunrossil Drive Extension (PDF 5.1MB)
15. Adaptation Streets (PDF 3.3MB)
16. Delivering the Plan (PDF 700KB)

Please note feedback on the options closed on Monday 28 February 2011.

A 3D fly-through has been prepared to illustrate the adaptation masterplan. This is available for your viewing below.

The Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy will plan for the future of an area of immense importance to Canberrans. Community engagement is an important part of the planning process. Through past planning efforts, we have learnt the importance of involving the local and broader communities in the process and that engagement needs to occur early in the process and continue throughout. 

Our approach to community engagement for this project:

  • Recognises the need to understand a genuine representation of community and stakeholder views from the local area and broader Canberra region, reflecting and responding to the regional significance of the study area;
  • Involve a diverse range of engagement activities that will provide an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to participate. This includes residents of Yarralumla and Deakin, resident associations, local businesses and wider interests; and
  • Be a ‘cumulative’ process where key stakeholders including community representatives will have the opportunity to provide input into, and feedback on, the key ‘building blocks’ of the planning strategy (such as vision, design principles, scenarios, preferred options).

Key elements of the community consultation process have included an interactive project website, community workshop events, a dedicated advisory group and a community survey.

We have worked with local residents and the wider community to identify what they value most about the study area, people’s aspirations for the future and how the area relates to its surrounds. A good understanding of community values and aspirations for the site informed the Planning Strategy and draft planning options. These options have been presented to the community, and a preferred Draft Master Plan has been prepared for the site. 

Consultation methodology

The consultation process has involved a range of activities with stakeholders, community representatives, local business owners and the wider community to ensure that all interested stakeholders have had an opportunity to provide input, and to ensure also that LDA and the project team understand the issues of key importance for this area.

The consultation process began in April 2010 and ran until February 2011. Click on the link below to open the diagram illustrating the consultation process and timeline.

Canberra Brickworks and Environs Planning Strategy - Consultation process summary (PDF 600KB)

Survey outcomes and meeting summaries from Project Reference Group meetings and Community Conversation workshops will be uploaded to this site. We are committed to reporting community consultation outcomes for this project as a part of a transparent consultation and planning process.

Community Conversation Workshop 3: 17 August 2010

The third of our Community Conversation Workshops was held at the Canberra Deakin Football Club and attended by approximately 80 Canberrans.

At the workshop, four options for the study area were presented.  The design principles that underpin these options were also discussed.

The files below are downloadable versions of the materials used and presented on the evening.

1. Mothballed Board (PDF 2.8MB)
2A. Cold Shell Board (PDF 600KB)
2B. Cold Shell Board (PDF 500KB)
3A. Adaptation Board (PDF 600KB)
3B. Adaptation Board (PDF 500KB)
3C. Adaptation Board (PDF 400KB)
4A. National Treasure Board (PDF 600KB)
4B. National Treasure Board (PDF 500KB)
4C. National Treasure Board (PDF 500KB)
Canberra Brickworks_Presentation Workshop 3 (PDF 6MB)
Feedback Form

Community Conversation Workshop 2: 30 June 2010

The second of our Community Conversation Workshops was held at the Canberra Deakin Football Club and attended by approximately 80 Canberrans.

At the workshop, participants provided feedback to the design team on the fundamental design principles that should underpin future options for the study area.

The files below are downloadable versions of the materials used and presented on the evening.

Community Conversation Workshop 1: 19 May 2010

The first Community Conversation Workshop was held at the Royal Canberra Golf Club and attended by over 100 Canberrans.  The evening included presentations on site analysis and opportunities, as well as a summary of the Conversation Management Plan (see Conversation Management Plan for the full document).  The evening then lead to discussion forums where participants considered ideas on vision, community values and land use priorities for the site.

The files below are downloadable versions of the materials used and presented on the evening. 
Participants’ Handbook (PDF 1.3MB)
Project Introduction and Activities (PDF 900KB)
Conversation Management Plan Summary (PDF 1.8MB)
Hill Thalis Site Analysis (Part 1) (PDF 5.7MB)
Hill Thalis Site Analysis and Opportunities (Part 2) (PDF 6MB)
Reference Images Sheet (PDF 900KB)